A rose in the desert is an oxymoron; for one of the most beautiful plants to bloom in one of the most ruthless climates on earth is nothing short of a miracle. But like the resilient human spirit, with the right focus, determination and goal, a flower can successfully bloom despite its beginnings, surroundings or situations. The Jericho rose, easily mistaken for dead brush, especially reminds us that what we see in a particular season is not the defining moment of a legacy.

This collection was inspired by endurance, resilience and beyond recovery, successful blossom. Our original hand dyed batik captures a vibrant rose, blooming from a dark season. This fabric is supported by wispy layers of feather light tulle in unapologetic abundance, creating an ethereal aura that whispers ‘blessed!’
The silhouettes are a perfect proportion of volume and frame achieved by paneling and princess seaming. The result is a garment that leads the wearer to look forward, flower and blossom, as a past season does not change ones purpose. We were created to bloom.

Desert Rose Red Leather Belt

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