Individual Empowerment
One can only be a part of change after their own needs are met. I work to provide financial and social stability and ability to the team so we can then reach outward.


I believe that we are each strategically placed on this earth for a purpose. This is to self actualize, but beyond that, make a positive shift. We support, respect and improve our local community, environment with each decision we make. (I founded Blooming Lily, an empowerment foundation for girls).


No one is better than another regardless of his or her positioning, gender, race, or physical attributes. Through my designs, we celebrate the beauty in all cultures, make the designs wearable by all, open our doors to all, and open people’s eyes to the beauty that exists in another’s culture, beyond their own.

I design pieces that tell a story, with a cultural thread whether from Victorian to Maasai. I provide a platform for people to learn about, touch, feel and appreciate another continent, another country, another culture, another tribe, and another person.


I stay true to the heartbeat of our vision, our mission, and our origin. When I say made in Kenya, it is made in Kenya from start to finish, by Kenyan hands (not machined), and each collection is named for a specific Kenyan topic/event/season