Though only four letters long, the word LOVE, the greatest kinetic and static power source of all, bears one of the greatest and multi-pronged implications. When offered, this sentiment comes with implied and unimplied, conscious and subconscious promises, some of which may not be obvious to neither the giver nor receiver. As human beings, we therefore tend to contextualize it, break it down and attempt to define it, so that we can “deal” with it or dole it out in palatable bits, on our own controlled terms. In its purest and truest meaning, LOVE implies selflessness, empathy and compassion at all times, without fear of whatever may be gained or returned in response. It is, therefore fear of the vulnerability that makes LOVE complicated; and thus, we miss out on the true, pure intention and purpose of LOVE as fear shrouds love with selfishness and control….May we all experience true and pure LOVE in some shape or form, even just for a fleeting unforgettable moment.
Dr. Sophia Omoro

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